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Professional North East drainage & groundwork services.

Whatever it is you need, we guarantee to beat any quote and our aim is to provide the best service at the lowest cost in your local area. We want you to be happy with the service you receive and we want you to have the ability to speak to us as and when you need to regarding a recurring issue or any new issues. Businesses should be built on good customer relations, national companies like Dyno and Local Heroes won't remember you each time they visit and won't already know which plants you don't ever want digging up or where you don't want the van leaving tyre marks in the grass. Local businesses provide that local touch and Drainage and Groundworks Services Limited is a leading provider of services in the North East of England.

Support your local businesses while saving money.

On average our prices are more than half of the price Dyno or Local Heroes would charge.

DGS Limited Van

A team of experienced, qualified & certified professionals.

Drainage & Groundwork Services Limited is made up of a team of experienced, qualified and certified professionals - all of which have had many years of experience within the industry and developed a broad range of knowledge and skills.

Our experience comes with a wealth of knowledge and all of the latest equipment needed to be efficient and cost effective so that we can pass these saving on to our customers. As a small, local business, it is essential we do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy, as word of mouth and our reviews online are what boost our recommendations and opportunities.

We can provide a wide range of services from simple drain unblocking to full property drainage consultation and installation. We are happy to provide advice or answer any specific questions, so please feel free to call or email for more support.

Electrical work & groundwork for EV charger points.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging points are becoming more common across the UK. This is great news for drivers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, but it can be confusing if you are unsure what work is involved in installing one at your work place or home.

If you have an existing electrical installation, then it may be possible to install an EV charging point yourself but if not then we can help. We can provide a free quote for the electrical work required to install an EV charger point and complete the groundwork required for installation in your home / business. We can also install pre-wired units that you can simply connect when ready for use. These units can be used where there is only one socket in use or where there is no room for another socket in another location such as a garage or out building.

See how we can help with your project.

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Our main services.

Blocked drain, sink or toilet.

One of our most common services and one we receive many call outs for. Perhaps water is not draining away in toilets and sinks within your home or you may have a drain outside that is not draining away rainwater or household water.

Blocked Drain, Sink or Toilet


Our groundworks services are usually required to implement the first-phase of the construction process. We are able to undertake all aspects of work to a formation level. For any groundworks in the North East, DGS Limited offer a very professional service and of course all of our team are fully qualified. Our quotations are free of charge with no obligation so please feel free to contact us and we will let you know the full extent of the work that needs to be carried out.


CCTV drain inspection.

It can be very frustrating knowing that you have a blockage in one of your drains but not knowing where it is. We don't recommend digging up drainage for no reason as this is costly and can be upsetting. Therefore, any blockages that are not apparent we are able to investigate using a CCTV camera which we feed into the drain and use to monitor where the blockage is and evaluate the best way to remove it.

CCTV Drain Inspection

High pressure drain jetting.

Noticed a bad smell coming from your drains or a build up of grime? With our high pressure water jet we can clean and clear drains in minutes leaving them tidy and less smelly. Pouring a bucket of hot water and bleach doesn't cut through the dirt and within days the smell will be back. Give us a call and we will blast away the grime, along with any bad smell.

High Pressure Drain Jetting

Private & commercial services.

At DGS we work with home owners, landlords and tenants as well as commercial business who require our services. From that small blocked drain to full drainage route cutting and installation.

Private & Commercial Services

Driveways, walkways & patios.

Driveways, walkways or patios - you name it and we will do it. More and more we are being asked to produce a range of paving designs. We can work with you to decide on the best type of groundwork and then proceed with the design and construction.

Driveways, Walkways & Patios.

What customers say about our workmanship & service.

We are the best drainage and groundworks company in the North East and we'd like to think you would trust us and take our word for it. However, we know that isn't always going to persuade you, therefore we ask our customers to submit a testimonial, if they have time, to tell you for themselves how we have been able to help them and whether or not they would recommend us to you. You can also see our many 5 star reviews on:

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DGS Limited came to my home one morning when I woke to find the kitchen had a really bad smell and each time I ran the tap the smell got worse. They came out within the hour and cleared my drain outside which cleared up the problem straight away. There was no call out fee just labour to clear the blockage. Well recommended.

Laura Johnson

Very polite and friendly. Used the camera to illustrate the problems and made recommendations. Not at all pushy. All repairs carried out and again used the camera to show us what they had done. Left everywhere clean and tidy. Would recommend.


Called with a blockage, arrived within 10 minutes, blockage cleared immediately. Friendly, helpful and service with a smile. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

Helen Fletcher

Splendid work from the team at DGS. I couldn't clear a blockage in our bathroom which seemed to be somewhere in the waste pipe. It took DGS 35 minutes to get someone to my home and I was charged nothing for the call out and just £34 for their time to remove the blockage. Found at top of Google and would definitely recommend.

Harold Williams

Thanks lads. Washing machine was not draining water away through the pipe leading outside. Took them 10 minutes to fix the issue and saved me hundreds as I was about to buy a new washer.

Lewis Evans

I contacted DGS as they were top of Google and had a range of very good reviews. We were extending our house and needed to route new drainage for a bathroom. I only wanted them to fit the waste system for the bathroom but they were able to provide services for the complete plumbing too. Looks amazing now it is all done. Thanks for your hard work.

Alan Harvey

Very pleased with our new patio and decking.

Jim Hudson

Really grateful for coming to see us today. I nearly clicked on the first over priced website I came to but so glad I looked around. I would highly recommend DGS Limited for their call out time, workmanship and value for money.

Rebecca Holmes

Outstanding groundworks team providing an exceptional service. Planning, communication and hands on labour were all second to none. We contracted DGS to plan and implement a private road which they did with professionalism, from drawings to finish, the work was great.

Billy Pearce

10 out of 10 - brilliant work thanks.


Great job today thank you. Blocked sink drain which was causing a really bad smell in the house. Unblocked and flushing within an hour. Only cost us £44 which was much cheaper than anyone else online.


Good service from DGS, unblocked my sink, great price would use again.


I called DGS this morning when we woke up to find the garden under water after last nights heavy rain. It wasn't flowing down the drain and despite my husband attempting to get his hand down there he couldn't clear the blockage. The gents at DGS came out within the hour to investigate, they investigated the problem and removed all of the leaves that were clogging the drain. The service was fast, reliable, friendly and much cheaper than other firms I had called who couldn't visit until the next day. Thank you.

Julie Stephenson

FREE emergency call out 24/7, 365 days a year.

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